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Sex Therapy

Emotionally Focused Informed Sex Therapy in Marietta GA

Sex therapy plays a crucial role in helping individuals and couples enhance their intimate sexual relationships. At The Relationship House, our therapists integrate an attachment-based approach to sexual intimacy through the Emotionally Focused Therapy model, recognizing the profound impact of emotional responsiveness and attachment security on sexual connection.

We understand that negative patterns of interaction and deeper relational fears can inhibit sexual intimacy. Our focus is on assisting couples in breaking free from these patterns to promote secure connection and release blocks to sexual closeness. We believe that safe emotional connection fosters great sex, and vice versa—great sex creates deeper emotional connection.

In addition to relational dynamics, sexual intimacy can be influenced by physical injuries, medical issues, mental health concerns, and trauma. In sex therapy, couples learn how to remain accessible, responsive, and engaged with each other regarding these issues, while also discovering new approaches to their sexual experiences together. Our sex therapy services are tailored to the individual needs of each person or couple, with the ultimate goal of building healthier, more satisfying sexual relationships.

We believe that satisfying, meaningful, and connecting sex is not only achievable but essential for overall relationship well-being.


As Mae West famously said, "Sex is emotion in motion," highlighting the intimate connection between physical and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy.

Sex Therapy in Marietta GA

Sex Therapy

Emotionally Focused Informed Sex Therapy helps with:

  • Emotional Connectedness in Sex

  • Physical Intimacy

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Anxiety & Fear

  • Body Image

  • Desire & Arousal 

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