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Sileta Bell, MS, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.”

– Dr. Steve Maraboli

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Meet Sileta

I am a marriage and family therapist, dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the complexities of interpersonal relationships. My style of therapy is informal, culturally sensitive, and responsive to the unique needs of each individual,couple, or family I serve.


Trained under the emotionally focused therapy model, I pay special attention to the emotional connection between couples and work with them to rebuild their emotional bond and intimacy. In my work with couples, I aim to identify the negative interaction patterns that may be leading to disconnection and distress in their relationship. Among other areas, I also work with them to build positive communication that validates as well as promotes emotional safety and support.


Certified as a Prepare and Enrich Facilitator, I am passionate about helping dating or premarital couples to identify their strengths, recognize potential blind spots, and gain an understanding of the underlying dynamics that guide their communication.


As a Registered Domestic Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution, I have received specialized training in working with high conflict couples. When working with couples who are faced with insurmountable distress in their relationship, I take a facilitative and strengths-based approach to move clients towards resolving conflicts, establishing healthy boundaries, and regaining a sense of stability, as they work together towards rebuilding a healthy marriage or relationship.


My experience in family mediation has taught me that divorce can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally charged experience for the entire family. As a marriage and family therapist, I will work with each member of the family, including children, to help them understand their emotions, to provide coping strategies, and to support them as they move through the grief of separation and divorce, or other stressful events that commonly affect families. My work as a Marriage and Family Therapist is

carried out under the supervision of Alex Peskin, LMFT.


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